Try to see whether you can solve this 4 variable puzzle:

Math Puzzle

To begin, let’s first get our 4 equations from the picture:

Now, we can deploy a variety of techniques to solve this puzzle. For instance, we could try substitution or elimination. For now, let’s try equating two equations together and working from there. This will constitute our first approach:

Method 1

Now that we know C = 10, we can simply plug in that value into the equations to get: A = 2.1, B = 5.9, and D = 0.9. However, let’s try a different approach to see how we can arrive at the same solution through different steps:

Method 2

As shown above, we were able to reach the same solution through 2 different methods! There are always multiple ways to solve any problem, and it was cool to see that same idea be applied to a 4 variable problem.