Does This Really Matter?

Well, we all know the satisfaction of biting into a nice cold creamy cone. However, are we paying the right price? $5 is just a starting price and this can easily go up to over $12 when you buy things such as banana splits. The point being, are we getting ripped off? Yes, in a way. The most prominent reason being, we can easily save money on this purchase. On the other hand though, you are paying a premium for both the brand and convenience. Nonetheless, why does this really matter? Sure, you could enjoy and give in to these types of impulse purchases, but that is not the way to go. We need to make smart decisions in our lives. More importantly, we should always find smart ways to improve, just like this.

What Should We Do Instead?

If you actually take a second to think about this, why not just buy a 2L tub of ice cream from a retailer? You can average almost 10-15 servings and it is only costing you about $5. Thus, you pay the same amount, yet you are getting much better return. It is just like finding the best place to put your money. For instance, keeping it on hand will lead to less buying power due to inflation (more money gets printed and as a result your buying power goes down). Instead, you can invest that money in stocks or bonds. Not to mention, buying real estate. Regardless, everywhere you look, there is a smart way to improve, and this is one of them. Anyways, going back to the main point, when you buy the tub yourself, you can actually make creative and delicious deserts at home yourself. For example, you can add bananas, cherries, syrup, and more. In conclusion, by buying the tub yourself, you can actually start to save a lot of money as you will be able to eat ice cream more often and customize it yourself at home. However, if you really are an ice cream fan, maybe limit yourself and try to reduce the number of times you spend extra money at an ice cream store.

Heard About The 99¢ Cone?

While talking about buying ice cream, another product comes into mind: The 99¢ cone. Although this may seem very cheap, if we think about it from the tub perspective, once again it is actually very expensive. On top of that, the amount of ice cream given to you is not a fixed amount as there are people filling up the cone, which means you can potentially get smaller cones. However, the main problem with this is that the companies are actually just using this to grab your attention. The reason being, once they get you into the store, there’s no telling what you are going to order! Perhaps a full meal or a smoothie? Nonetheless, this is actually an attention grabber so beware of these types of luring ads as they are made to entice you. Overall, the company gets you into the store and then the remarkable process of footfall / impulse buying occurs. Therefore, beware of where you are spending.

What Other Ways Do You Save?

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